Opinion on Ike (Cats view)

Ike is really annoying and chases us every time he sees us cats. Half the time he chases us up a tree and barks at us. The other half is a freestyle run across the lawn. We can barely eat or drink without being barked at or if it’s an outside snack, get chased. When we get trapped, it’s not pretty. We think he’s really dumb and insane. For some reason, he can use a typewriter, (from rumors) but can’t defeat us. He doesn’t know it, but we are coming up with a secret plan. We won’t tell you, because it spreads, but it is really clever and special. It won’t fail. (Hopefully) But he’s a bad, ugly dog! The reason why we hate him is because he stole our big kitty fish treat and it never came back. We will get revenge. Time to execute Kitty Revenge Plan. (KRP)

Dueling Mandates in Yellowstone

The dilemma is that fires in Yellowstone are natural, but sometimes dangerous. But fires also can help the park. The beauty is part of it. And room. So are fires good or bad? You decide for yourself if the solution is one you like or not.



Allow lightning caused fires to burn out on their own, but suppress all human caused fires.

                                                PROS                                                                    CONS

More room will be available for hiking or exploring the park.          The smoke will pollute the air.                        The beauty may increase. Gas won’t be a problem in fires.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Some lives may be harmed.                                                                                                                                It may cost money to restore                                                                                                                                    the  lost landmarks.                                                                                                                                                             


This is my opinion, but I think this is the best solution because if the fires are completely stopped, the wildlife and animals will overpopulate and end up running wild in other places that are meant for people and specific/important areas.

Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan was born in 1964 in San Antonio, Texas. He was not rich or poor. He wrote several books as a kid, and sent some to get published. (To get rejected) When he grew up, he became a teacher and enjoyed it, but had to make a hard decision to leave because he had to write full time, both kids and adult books. He has two sons named Hayley and Patrick. He has black hair and changing eye color, from red amber to grey. He inspires me to read and use my imagination for the better. He is alike to me because he enjoys reading and different mythology. We are different because he is good at writing, and I’m not as good at imaging things. His books he writes, they’re amazing!!!Ω


Sources: Wikimedia, Ducksters, and primary facts.com

The Patriot Poem

Was a paid American surveyor at age of 20.

Was part of many wars and conflicts.

Paid as a lieutenant colonel.

Got to Ohio.

George Rogers Clark.

Settled in Kentucky.

Was dubbed/nicknamed “Long Knife.”

Marched 180 unbearable miles to recapture Vincennes.

Took the hamlets of Kaskaski and Cahokia without bloodshed.





Women In The Revolution

Emily Geiger was an important part of the Revolution during hard times. Lots of times she had faced down danger with her courage and cleverness. She was near a place where there were patriots and one of them was an important general/commander who needed to deliver a secret message to another general, but there were patrols and English soldiers in the middle of their way, so she decided to take it herself and pretend to be a Loyalist. The general strongly disagreed and said no, but finally she convinced him and sent her off with the letter. Later on she had to stop in front of a house and the people inside told her she was allowed to come inside. Before she went for the door after dinner, they said be careful of the Patriots. They were Loyalists! She went to bed, and left early in the morning. Later she was caught when trying to cross a patrol. She said she was a Loyalist, but they did not let her go without a search. A women Loyalist was going to check her, and she could not find a hiding place for the letter, so she memorized it and ate it. Later the women checked her and she found nothing.The soldiers apologized for searching her and sent her on her way. She made it to the general and told him the letter she memorized. He thanked her and most likely stayed there.

The Midnight Ride

Many years ago, April 18, 1775.

In the night, British soldiers march to the city of Concord to get the rebels.

Despite them trying to surprise the patriots/rebels,

None of them knew rebels were watching from areas, a belfrey too.

In the belfry , one told his comrade to light lanterns on the belfrey.

Getting his horse, he said,”Light one if British march, two by sea.”

His comrade hurried to the belfry and hung two lanterns.

Then he left on his horse with two others, his name was Paul Revere, and the others were Samuel Prescott and William Dawes, on horseback to warn Concord and their fighters.

Riding through the night to awake their fighters, called minute men.

In homes, lanterns light to Paul and the others saying,”The regulars are coming.”

Done with that, they went to Concord, only to be caught by the British!

Except one, who made it and warned them, that was Prescott.


MLK Service

I helped take out the trash and feed our pit bull Lexi. I also went to my grandparents house in Quitman and played there with them.I also tried to help homeless people, but it failed because I had to go. It was a good day for helping and I tried my best to help. Everyone should honor those who make peace with peace and meet violence with nonviolence. And Martin Luther King jr. did just that, so we/I make it a day worth helping for. Not everyone is able to make peace between harsh conflict, but he did and we should all be peaceful like him. So the reason why we honor him is because some of us wouldn’t be here without his actions, and that’s a big deal to me and others. His death was as hard as to people as the bullet that hit him. My sister also tried with me and shes half my age. Always remember him as you do family, and your halfway there to being peaceful.

Colonial Surveyor

øOne day, in the prairie, I was surveying new territory. I noticed a mountain near me that I could climb. I went up the mountain and took out my compass to see if I was going east. Yep, I was here. I scanned the area and I saw a indian tribe. I didn't want to bother them so I quickly mapped the land and the important land parts and unknown parts and I quickly left. I was back at the kings palace after about half a day later. I gave a full report about the area and the indians. He nodded and and said to me to bring him the map.I did so and thee king gave me my reward and told his men to get ready to go there.I went home and shortly after that, went to bed.