Colonial Surveyor

øOne day, in the prairie, I was surveying new territory. I noticed a mountain near me that I could climb. I went up the mountain and took out my compass to see if I was going east. Yep, I was here. I scanned the area and I saw a indian tribe. I didn't want to bother them so I quickly mapped the land and the important land parts and unknown parts and I quickly left. I was back at the kings palace after about half a day later. I gave a full report about the area and the indians. He nodded and and said to me to bring him the map.I did so and thee king gave me my reward and told his men to get ready to go there.I went home and shortly after that, went to bed.

Colonial Leaders

Who is John Smith?

A strong and stubborn leader.

One of the great leaders to survive the winter.

Made a quote “For in Virginia, a plaine soldier that can use a pickaxe and spade, is better than five knights.”

Secured food from the indians for the starving colony.

Was such a great leader that this person became president of the colony.

Made a rule that inquired everyone must work for each other (In my opinion!) or they didn’t eat.

Wounded in a battle,captured, and sold as a slave.

Led a expedition to Chesapeake Bay.

Injured again and never set foot on Virginia again.

That is John Smith.

Mystery story

One night, 700 years ago,there was no darkness, nobody was scared, but that all changed, when new residents moved in. They were mysterious and odd. Everyone else had normal houses, but these people built their house in the woods.

When they moved in, everyone wanted to know about them.Their last names was October, but that was there old names.Their real name’s were Halloween! One day they got a letter.It said this:

You shouldn’t be near my house! Stay away, or else!

They were shocked so they moved away, but then it happened again! They decided to go on a dangerous quest to the Dark Woods, but when they left, no one else from that family came back!

Later on, about 20 years later, someone went to the Dark Woods with three men. 1 came back, only he was alive out of the three, but they never realized he was a ghost! That’s how he survived. He was the one who captured the Halloweens and not only that, he turned them into ghosts! Now he plans to trick everyone, and to him, that’ll be a perfect treat!

To be continued…                                                                                                                                                                                         Happy Halloween!

John Bloodstone

Homecoming 2018

Every three years White Oak has a homecoming on Friday, October 5th,we have a homecoming. It’s a football game that has both teams show there band and skills. Before the 1st quarter starts, as I remember, they announce the homecoming queen.This includes picking which people will be in.Once they announce their names,age,goals and father,they choose the queen.But when that’s over,and the 1st quarter is about to start,the teams go through the tunnel and then its the coin flip.Each quarter is 10 minutes,not including additional game time.When the coin flips,(either heads or tails),which ever team that chose the coins side that it landed on, gets the ball first. And at halftime, both teams go off and the band plays (both teams get a chance) and get to show their talent.That is how it is for White Oak Roughnecks!