Opinion on Ike (Cats view)

Ike is really annoying and chases us every time he sees us cats. Half the time he chases us up a tree and barks at us. The other half is a freestyle run across the lawn. We can barely eat or drink without being barked at or if it’s an outside snack, get chased. When we get trapped, it’s not pretty. We think he’s really dumb and insane. For some reason, he can use a typewriter, (from rumors) but can’t defeat us. He doesn’t know it, but we are coming up with a secret plan. We won’t tell you, because it spreads, but it is really clever and special. It won’t fail. (Hopefully) But he’s a bad, ugly dog! The reason why we hate him is because he stole our big kitty fish treat and it never came back. We will get revenge. Time to execute Kitty Revenge Plan. (KRP)

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